How we do business

At Montrose Properties, we love big sheds — and the bigger the better. Our ownership group and executive have lived and conducted business in most of the world’s major gateway cities with a particular focus on the Pacific Rim. Global supply chains are central to the economy and we focus our energy and expertise on building and owning the real estate that supports them.

Photo of warehouse staff in hardhats

Long-term partnerships

We seek long-term partnerships with our tenants, viewing them as customers and seeing their success as an integral part of our own. We will be there to help our customers long after the lease is signed, and as their businesses evolve, we seek to ensure that the real estate evolves with them.

A commitment to sustainability

We hold real estate for the long term and we build it to a high standard. As a major owner and developer of industrial real estate in Vancouver, we seek to continually improve sustainability performance in our portfolio and work for positive change in the industry. We know that to be sustainable, real estate needs to be relevant over the long term, supporting the continued intensification and densification of logistics and warehousing operations with the extra power, floor loading, clear height, communications and ever-improving transportation links these operations will need in the future. This approach ensures our facilities will be efficient well into the future — adapting to the evolving long-term needs of our partners and the environment.

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Strength in diversity

We believe diversity is strength. At Montrose, we seek diversity in our workforce knowing that we make better decisions as a result and we seek diversity in our customers as we know that makes our portfolio stronger and more resilient.

About Us

Our values


We always do the right thing


We embrace diversity of all stakeholders and their views

Long-term value

We always take the long view in operations and investing


We set and achieve ambitious goals


We are fully accountable to our customers, regulators and stakeholders


We always look for ways to improve

Our values

Such a great place to work — dynamic environment and incredible growth opportunities. I’m delighted to be a part of the team.

Janice Murray Montrose Employee